Hire Veterans

Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans have an unemployment rate that exceeds the national average. That means that a combat vet has a harder time getting a job than the average person.

Make Great Compost

Our compost is 100% organic, and made locally here in the DMV. If you have no need for the compost, you can choose to donate it to a local community garden.

Help the Environment

Two thirds of the material that gets thrown away in the United States every year is compostable.
That means if everyone composted their food scraps, we could the size of landfills by two thirds.

Leadership. Not just a word.

Justen Garrity founded Veteran Compost in 2010. However, the path to that point began much earlier.

Growing up in Pennsylvania and Maryland, Justen spent his time outdoors camping, hiking, and biking. It was through Scouting that Justen learned to appreciate nature and the need for conservation.

Justen received an ROTC scholarship to attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. In 2004, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management of Information Systems and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army.

Justen spent the next five years on Active Duty as a Combat Engineer Officer. He served in South Korea as a platoon leader, in Missouri as a company executive officer, and in Iraq as an Assured Mobility Officer. He received numerous awards and badges during his time in the Army including: Bronze Star Medal, Army Commendation Medal (three times), Army Achievement Medal, Sapper tab, and parachutist badge.

Following a 15-month deployment in Iraq, Justen decided to transition to the National Guard so that he could be closer to his family. Returning home to the worst job market in decades, he quickly found himself unemployed. Justen was forced to create his own destiny. And so, Veteran Compost was born. A business that is as fulfilling as the missions he had in the Army.

Justin Garrity

Why Choose Us

When you choose Veteran Compost, you not only help the environment, you help hire more veterans in our local area who need a mission to fulfill. We also make some pretty fantastic compost.

We provide the bin,

You’ll be provided with a 7-gallon, lidded, lockable compost bin. You’ll gather all your food scraps and toss them directly into the bin. If it’s on your plate, it goes in the bin, be it bones, meat, egg shells, etc.

We Pick up the scraps,

Once a week, on the assigned day, you’ll put your bin out on your porch or in your yard or by your front door. Once a week, Veteran Compost will swap out that bin for a clean one of the same 7-gallon. lidded, lockable compost bin

We haul em' away,

We’ll take your food scraps to Whitehall Farm in Clifton, VA where they will become a key ingredient in some of the best stuff on earth –Veteran Compost’s organic compost and vermicompost.

You get compost!

Twice annually, you’ll receive one 20 lb. bag of organic, Veteran Compost compost, OR you may choose to donate that bag of organic, Veteran Compost compost to a local community garden

Ready to Get Started?!

Veteran Compost Residential service is only $29 per month. Click, (or tap) "Get Started!" below to sign up!

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